Connect Hyde Park is led by a Working Group that consists of community members from Hyde Park and Hyde Park Village, and Better Connections Program Coordinators.  Their role is to work with the Dubois & King team to ensure that this project reflects what the community envisions for the future and to make sure that everyone is heard.

Working Group Members:

  • Susan Bartlett (Chair)
  • Jim Fontaine
  • Ken McPherson
  • Tom O’Toole
  • Paul Trudell
  • Dan Young
  • Richard Amore, ACCD
  • Jackie Cassino, VTrans
  • Seth Jenson, LCPC
  • Rob Moore, LCPC

Meeting Minutes/Notes

Kickoff Meeting – 7/19/18
Working Group Meeting – 08/01/18
Working Group Meeting – 08/14/18

Utilities & Transportation Meeting – 11/7/18

Working Group Meeting – 4/30/19

Working Group Meeting – 9/10/19