The Connect Hyde Park Project has been moving forward at a steady pace over the past several months.  The Resident and Visitor survey received over 80 responses, which is providing some useful information to Camoin Associates, our economic development consultant – more to come on this in January in February when DuBois and King reports out on their existing conditions analysis.

On November 10th, the Connect Hyde Park Project had four consecutive meetings (including a Working Group meeting) that brought together Village and Town staff, engineers and other professionals to talk about Hyde Park’s existing utilities (sewer and water) and the road system.  This discussion will inform the Existing Conditions Report and future recommendations for future implementation, particularly as it relates to the sequence of investments.  For example, if water line improvements are planned, it will be optimal to include road improvements at the same time to save costs.  The final meeting of the evening was a Business Roundtable, which included 13 representatives from the business community and town government.  At the meeting, which was facilitated by Camoin Associates, we attempted to drill deeper into the opportunities and challenges related to doing business in and around Hyde Park.  Discussion was excellent – more information can be found in the Data and Results section of this web site.

What’s Coming Next?

Everyone will be focused on the holidays through the beginning of January, but the Connect Hyde Park Project will be back in action in January.   Dubois and King will be providing the Working Group with a draft Economic Report and an Existing Conditions Report and analysis.  Additionally, planning for the spring’s “pop-up” events will being.  Although the exact approach to these pop-ups is still “in the works,” they are likely to focus on activating spaces in the Village and connecting to the LVRT.  Much more to come as the project continues.  Until then, have a Happy Holiday!