Action! (July – August) – DONE!

We are rolling up our sleeves and preparing to move the project forward.

Listen and Ask (September – November) – DONE!

Home Day is a great opportunity for us to connect with all of you, talk about what you value most in Hyde Park and what you would like to see happen here.  Our consultants will follow up with some targeted focus groups and a business round-table to make sure we hear from as many people as we can.  We’ll also work to get the schools involved with this discussion.

Getting down to business (October-March) – DONE!

Our consultant is hard at work coordinating review of stormwater, public works and transportation infrastructure, mapping out the Village’s circulation system and conducting an economic analysis.

Developing Alternatives and Testing (April-August) – DONE!

We’ll bring a collection of alternatives to the community for consideration and test them by conducting some “boots-on-the-ground” demonstrations.  These “pop-up” demonstrations will allow people to see and experience potential changes to the Village’s walking and biking infrastructure and will give our consultants the feedback they need to put the Action Plan together.

Putting it On Paper (September-October) – DONE!

Our consultant has collected all of the input from the community, identified the priority alternatives and is pulling it together into the Plan that we’ll use for future investments and marketing.  Look for us at the Ice Cream Social in July.

Presenting the Plan (January-February) – DONE!

The Working Group will review the final draft of the Action Plan, our consultant will make final tweaks, and then we’ll present the Draft Main St. Action Plan to the community!